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Daniel is a session songwriter who strives to create music that is both heart-driven and acccessible to a wider audience. In a writing session, Daniel provides not only a vast chordal vocabulary on keys, guitar, and bass, but also a genuine investment in who the artist is and what they want to say. A writing session with Daniel will often only start after many hours of getting to know his collaborator on a deeper level, so that creating the music can come from a place of honesty, vulnerability, and empathy. This heart first approach (even when writing a dance beat) makes Daniel unique as a session writer and allows artists to open themselves up in a session, making for better and more truthful songwriting. 



The album Innervention (all songs written by Daniel and Ryan Amador for pop artist and dance icon Blake McGrath) debuted at #2 on the iTunes Christian charts and #18 on the Billboard Christian charts. McGrath's song "Missing You" (also written by Daniel and Ryan) got a placement on So You Think You Can Dance.

Other song placements include the film And Now Love ("Balloon" –featured credit song) and MTV's Real World. Artists who have sung and recorded Daniel's songs, or written with him include Kirstin Maldonado, Morgxn, Luke Edgemon, Shoshanah Bean, and Julie Craig.


Daniel's work as a composer spans independent film CHOSEN (2014) and upcoming features SLEEPWALK (post. 2021) and OUT IN THE VINEYARD (in prod.), as well as the new musical THE GRIFTERS (book & lyrics by Joe Giuffre). In 2018 he released FIRE IN THE SKY, his first collection of contemporary jazz compositions written for rhythm section, winds, and strings, followed by the 2019 release of A WINTER'S LULLABY. To celebrate the release of these collections, he released a separate vinyl edition of the three-movement piece THE RED LINE SUITE

Daniel's style as a composer bridges the groove and rhythm of jazz through the decades and his love of classical composition and contemporary folk. The latter influence is particularly present in his musical collaborations with jazz trio The Vintage Modernists (CITYSCAPE, 2012). 

Among Daniel's favorite pieces that continue to inspire him to this day are the reimagined Joni Mitchell album BOTH SIDES NOW featuring Vince Mendoza's orchestrations; any of Randy Newman's film scores; and Brad Mehldau's HIGHWAY RIDER.

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