As a music director and conductor, Daniel marries his skills as a band leader in the pop industry and his experience as a concert musician and orchestrator. He has collaborated on both new musicals as well as revivals with award-winning theatre directors such as Kent Nicholson and Richard Israel, and acclaimed choreographers including Marc Kimelman, Jim Cooney, and Tony Gonzalez.     

Daniel MDing and performing with chamber neosoul artist, Sarah Lessire

New musicals with contemporary pop scores, such as BOTTLE SHOCK (Burwell & Sasser) and THE MOLLYHOUSE (Hanson & Maus), benefit from Daniel's experience outside the musical theatre genre. Rather than a pit of individual instrumentalists led by a pianist, Daniel's music direction achieves the sound of a band backing up a lead vocalist.    

Daniel also brings an artful and classic approach to musicals of a more traditional sound, drawing from his background as a concert saxophonist, pianist, and orchestrator. As music supervisor and music director with the Transcendence Theatre Company, he has developed new shows in concert formats, and reimagined and assistant-directed older musicals such as A CHORUS LINE.


His skill in musical storytelling makes him a unique asset in the developmental process, adapting a composer's vision to the demands of the stage, and realizing the score with a deep investment not just in the music but in the dramatic vision as a whole.

transcendence conducting.jpg

Daniel getting ready to conduct the pit of a TTC Broadway Under The Stars Show

Daniel MDing and performing with indie pop artist, Morgxn